June 19, 2024

Yet Another Food Blog on the Internet

So let’s cut to the chase, I eat too much. My love of food started as a child. There are stories of me as a baby dancing on a table at Ray’s Pizza in The Village in NYC. I remember as a toddler calling the owner of the local Chinese restaurant uncle Harry because my family ate there so often. As I got older, my love of food continued, and it showed as I got chubbier. I considered myself a pretty good eater since most meals in my house growing up were 2 or 3 times the suggested serving size. I hardly ever encountered someone else’s meal I wasn’t willing to finish for them. I wasn’t really a picky eater as a child. I ate almost everything unless it was truly awful. One could even say eating food was a hobby for me, especially since I wasn’t ever good at many other common hobbies like sports or arts or music, but eating I was practically at the pro level at little league age.

Edit – My father would like me to add that eating and cooking is basically in my heritage. My father’s side of family was full of butchers and luncheonette owners. My grandfather and great grandfather were both Kosher butchers. My father grew up around cutting meat and doing deli catering. My father’s grandfather and grandmother on his mother’s side owned and ran a luncheonette. From this, the talent was passed down of cooking for large groups of people using no exact measurements of ingredients. 

Now it’s many years later and my eating options have expanded like crazy. Living in a major city helps. Being willing to cook interesting things helps. Having a love for BBQ and smoked meats helps. New restaurants are opening all the time. New and delicious food trends are being discovered all the time. Social media platforms make it so easy to share pics and opinions. Since it’s so easy, and I’m not a fan of having to put in effort, I’m going to be one of the thousands of others that will start a blog and post photos all the time.

Some might ask why am I doing this. My answer is why not. I have no real goal in mind. I just eat a lot and I’m going to share my eating whether you care or not. This allows me to have a journal for myself of my eating (and drinking) experiences to look back upon. This will appease the people I know who have told me I should start a blog. This gives me an excuse to eat more and try new meals. If people or restaurants invite me to try new foods I will be more than glad to oblige.

I know my parents are probably shaking their heads if they are reading this. They specifically don’t see the point of taking photos of food for others to see. Many would agree and because of this I am doing a separate Instagram @alexeatstoomuch. Please give a follow.

If you’re still reading at this point, enjoy following my journey.