May 20, 2024

Pittsburgh Burger List

Burgers are a staple of my diet. Who doesn’t love a good burger? I have several a month. I would eat burgers more if there were not so many things to eat in Pittsburgh. I wanted to put together this list for people to see where to go for a great burger in Pittsburgh, but also so I can track and add to it as I try other great burgers around the city. I also try some mediocre burgers and will add them too. A pretty good rule to follow is if my caption doesn’t have a lot of enthusiasm, I probably didn’t enjoy it too much. I know I have many more places to visit on this burger journey and adding to this list. Almost every restaurant has a burger. Please don’t message and yell at me for not including your favorite yet, but please make a suggestion.


With multiple locations around the city, I feel as Burgatory has one of the most consistent burger experiences. I’ve eaten here so many times. I don’t think I have ever had a bad burger or eaten the same type of burger twice. You can either pick a burger off the menu or design your own. Their burgers on the menu and the daily specials are usually really good, but if you are adventurous or good at combining flavors, definitely take a chance at creating your own.

Burgatory is at various locations around Pittsburgh.

Poulet Bleu

You would never think of a French restaurant for an amazing burger, but this is definitely one of the best I’ve eaten in Pittsburgh. Their Bistro Burger is incredible. Cooked to medium-rare keeps it so juicy. It is topped with American cheese, white onion and bread and butter pickles. It’s perfect to get any time or even for that person that is afraid to eat anything else at a French restaurant.

Note: Poulet Bleu is currently closed for renovations.

Poulet Bleu is located at 3517 Butler Street.


From the outside of this bar, you would never expect the food to be incredible. You go in and it’s still a dive. However, the staff is amazing and so is the food. They won best burger in Pittsburgh at the 2019 Burger Bash. I could see why after eating the winning Stout and Straw Burger topped with beer cheese, thick-cut bacon, mushrooms, and onion straws. So many flavors made this burger so good. The rest of their menu is pretty amazing too.

Jamison’s is located at 3113 W. Liberty Ave.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

The eastern half of the United States does not have In-N-Out. Making up for this, Pittsburgh Sandwich Society has created their version of the Animal Style Double-Double and it is amazing, if not better than the original. 

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society schedule can be found on their website.

Blue Sparrow

The Ramen Burger!!! So the ramen bun is only half of what makes this burger great. The ramen is cooked then fried just enough to hold it together. It’s also just such a juicy and well-seasoned burger. It’s not served year round so if it’s on the menu, order it!

Blue Sparrow schedule can be found on their website.

Charred at City Kitchen

This is a new gourmet burger spot at the City Kitchen food hall in Bakery Square. Their Cowboy Burger is made with an 8 oz patty and homemade barbecue sauce. City Kitchen has become a favorite spot of mine since opening in August 2023.

City Kitchen is located in Bakery Square.

Scratch & Co

Their house smash burger is fantastic. It’s a larger smash burger and it comes with their delicious chaos sauce.

Scratch & Co is located in Troy Hill at 1720 Lowrie Street.


This easily jumped to one of my favorite burgers in Pittsburgh. It’s delicious. It’s a large patty. It’s juicy. The bacon was thick and tasty. It is a little more on the pricey side, but worth it.

Eleven is located at 1150 Smallman St.

Simply Burgers

A great smash burger spot in the center of Lawrenceville. You can either get them to go through the takeout window at Lawrenceville Market House or you can order at Bierport across the street and they will bring over your order.

Simply Burgers is located at 4112 Butler St.

St. Clair Social

This has become my favorite neighborhood bar even though I do not live anywhere near it. They have a great elevated bar menu. I finally got the Social Burger and it was so good. It doesn’t try to be too flashy. Just a standard bacon cheeseburger.

St. Clair Social is at 302 S. St. Clair St.

The Commoner

The Commoner Burger is a great smash burger made with wagyu beef and a special sauce. It is on the pricier side for a smash burger but it’s a very good one.

The Commoner is located inside the Hotel Monaco at 620 William Penn Place.


Another great diner burger on this list and it is available at both locations. One thing that Cinderlands Foederhouse does in addition is the Super Secret Burger Club offering a special burger of the day every Wednesday. These are always very interesting.

Cinderlands Warehouse is located at 2601 Smallman Street.


They offer a burger at Kaya that has fun and different toppings from most restaurants. It’s topped with pickles, avocado, bacon, tomato, Chihuahua cheese, sunny-side egg, and Kaya sauce and it’s delicious.

Kaya Warehouse is located at 2000 Smallman Street.

Moonlit Burgers

This was a fantastic classic smash burger that was reasonably priced and delicious.

Moonlit Burgers currently has two locations in Dormont and Uptown with a third to open soon in Sewickley.

Bridge City Smashery

This food truck was the second from the Bridge City Brinery team. It is just an all around great smash burger.

Bridge City Smashery Burger

Bridge City Smashery can be found smashing burgers around the city.

Red’s Good News

I’d heard many good things about this dive bar in Brookline and they are all accurate. Cheap drinks and great food. I stopped in after an event in the neighborhood to try their burger. It’s a two patty smash burger with cheese and a spicy & tangy bbq sauce. This was delicious.

Red’s Good News is located at 542 Brookline Blvd.


If you are looking for an example of the perfect basic burger, go to Tessaro’s. It has a large patty and good flavor. The topping options are very classic as well. 

Tessaro’s is located at 4601 Liberty Ave.


This restaurant offers some great Pittsburgh neighborhood themed burger and topping combinations. They also offer a blended burger, which is a beef and mushroom patty, which is more sustainable and delicious.

Burgh’ers has locations in Lawrenceville and Zelienople.

Mr Smalls Theater

I got a burger before a show because if you reserve balcony seats you get the fee back in food and drink credit. The burger was much better than I anticipated.

Mr Smalls Theater is located in Millvale at 400 Lincoln Ave, Millvale, PA 15209.

Five Guys

I know this is a chain, but it’s hard to deny it’s a great burger. They use the smashed burger method of cooking on a flat top. Some people may feel it is too greasy, but I love it. 

Five Guys is located at various locations around Pittsburgh.

The Beerhive

They have a nice juicy burger that pairs well with the great craft beers on tap. 

The Beerhive is located at 2117 Penn Ave.

The Urban Tap

The burger I ate at The Urban Tap had elevated flavor by being topped with short rib and shallot.

The Urban Tap has multiple locations in Pittsburgh.

Southern Tier

They offer a rather enjoyable classic bacon cheeseburger as well as some others that goes well with the many beers they offer.

Southern Tier is located at 316 North Shore Drive.

Dive Bar

The nice thing about Dive Bar is even though they have nicer looking restaurants, they still serve dive food. Their burgers are thick, flavorful and loaded with toppings.

Dive Bar has several locations in the Pittsburgh area.


A good option while on the Pitt campus for a build your own burger. I think they have the most toppings options of any of the build your own burger places.

Stack’d has multiple locations in Pittsburgh.

Bacon, Bourbon & Beer

I had heard a lot about this restaurant, but I was left underwhelmed. The burger was a little overcooked, but flavor was OK.

Bacon, Bourbon & Beer has two locations in the Pittsburgh area.

Zone 28

I was here to go bowling but also needed something to eat. The burger was good, but I wouldn’t come here just to get food.

Zone 28 is in Harmarville at 2525 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.


A perfectly good option instead of the mall food court for a meal while at the mall.

Walhburgers has multiple locations in Pittsburgh.

The Standard Market and Pint House

I decided not to post this burger on Instagram. It was an OK burger. Very large. Very Juicy. Lots of sauce. Lots of cheese. Lots of bacon. However, it was a mess. The bacon was very cheap bacon. It didn’t blow me away. It was also very expensive. At the price, I would expect quality bacon and less of a mess.

The Standard Burger

The Standard is located at 947 Penn Ave.


I make a pretty damn good burger. Many examples on my Instagram. I also posted my blended burger recipe here on the blog.

Final Blended Burger

Gone But Not Forgotten

We’ve lost a lot of places with burgers over the years. Some of these are missed. Some of these I’m glad to see gone. Here are some ones documented just for historical purposes.


Featuring freshly ground burgers, they have a tasty patty and top it with some very well crafted combinations. My favorites are definitely The Shipwreck and the Market Square Burger.

Winghart’s was a staple of the gourmet burger in Pittsburgh and sadly no longer exists.


This local chain of restaurants offers exciting burger and topping combinations with the option of building your own burger. 

BRGR has no longer has any locations in Pittsburgh. The last remaining location is in State College.

Home PGH

They offer a great double patty diner-style burger and a fantastic brunch burger. The brunch burger is definitely a favorite just because of literally putting a full brunch including the egg and the hashbrown on the burger.

Home is closed in 2020.


They offer both a The Burger and the Old School Burger with up to three patties.

Provision is closed in 2022.

Rock Bottom

A little overcooked but still had some juice. Interesting with the extra toppings.

Rock Bottom Pittsburgh closed in 2023.

Quaker Steak & Lube

Get the Wings. Great attempt at an interesting burger, but cooked so poorly.

Quaker Steak no longer has any real locations in Pittsburgh, which is a shame since the wings are fantastic.

BrewDog Pittsburgh

I decided not to post this burger on Instagram since I had no obligation to do so. This is their Patriot burger. It was OK. It was edible. It is presented well. However, it was also overcooked for a smashburger and overpriced for what you get.

BrewDog Pittsburgh closed in 2023. No one is really sorry to see this fake punk brewery closed.