April 23, 2024

Pittsburgh Fried Chicken List

Fried chicken has suddenly become big in Pittsburgh. I’m excited about some of the many new options. It is also one of my favorite foods. I wanted to put together this list for people to see where to go for fried chicken in Pittsburgh, but also so I can track and add to it as I have amazing fried chicken dishes around the city. I know I have many more places to try and look forward to this journey and adding to this list. Please don’t message and yell at me for not including your favorite yet, but please make a suggestion.

Coop de Ville

I have probably attended almost every pop up of this Richard Deschantz fried chicken concept since it was first announced in 2017. I have eagerly awaited the opening of this restaurant which has finally happened in 2020. I’ve eaten a few different versions of their fried chicken sandwich and every time I finish it I was left hoping there would be another pop up soon. They use chicken breast for the frying and has a thinner, but still crispy breading that sticks well to the meat. The most impressive is the different options of the sandwich. Over the course of the last popup, there were several different types. I think I tried four or five of them. All fantastic.

Coop de Ville is located at 2301 Smallman Street

The Eagle

This great fried chicken and comfort food restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown’s Cultural District. I got to attend the restaurant’s soft opening weekend. The fried chicken was lightly breaded and super juicy from pressure frying. The sides were tasty. I’ll be going there a lot in the future. You can read more about the experience and this restaurant here.

The Eagle is located at 737 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

Any time Pittsburgh Sandwich Society is offering a fried chicken sandwich on the menu it is definitely the item to get. It has become one of my favorite fried chicken options because of the super crispy buttermilk breading for the fact they usually use thigh meat making it for a much juicier sandwich. This has become a staple of the Sunny Side Up Brunches they hold with Very Local PGH. I also really like their Nashville Hot for not being so overpowering that your mouth is on fire, but having enough heat to give it a strong flavor.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society schedule can be found on their website.

Bae Bae’s Kitchen

This is a fast casual Korean restaurant, but their Korean Fried Chicken meal is absolutely fantastic and filling. I wrote about Bae Bae’s Kitchen a while ago. It’s two chicken breast cutlets that are breaded and fried. I love how the chicken is still so juicy under the well seasoned breading. I always get mine with the glass noodles.

Bae Bae’s Kitchen is located at 951 Liberty Ave in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Ki Pollo

I wrote about Ki Pollo when it first opened. I’m still a big fan. They fry the chicken in a tempura batter. I prefer the chicken sandwich here the most. They sometimes offer pieces of fried chicken as well. I’d recommend checking out my original review for more details.

Ki Pollo is located at 4407 Butler Street.

Bird on the run

They keep it pretty simple here with either sandwiches, strips and nuggets and it is white meat. The chicken is well breaded and juicy on the inside. The heat level is what can really sneak up on you here. On a 0 to 4 scale I like to go with just a 1 or 2 depending on how adventurous I’m feeling and the amount of other sauces on my sandwich. The waffle fries are also awesome here.

Bird on the Run is located at 128 S Highland Street.

Oak Hill Post

This amazing fried chicken sandwich was a thick chicken thigh in a super crispy breading. They have many other great sandwiches too!

Oak Hill Post is located at 600 Brookline Blvd in Brookline.


I was in a mood for some classic soul food fried chicken and Carmi provides that and then some. The highlight for me was the thick and crispy breading. They serve this classic fried chicken out of two locations making it easy to pick up from many parts of the city.

Carmi Soul Food is located at 1825 East Carson St.
Carmi Express is located at 1219 Federal St.


My one time eating at Chikn was after a restaurant tasting event which the restaurant basically forgot to feed us. However, they remembered to give us many, many cocktails. So I would be able to go home, I needed a dinner. Chikn was around the corner and a great choice. I decided to get their chicken and waffles with medium heat. It was delicious. I didn’t feel like my mouth was on fire but got a nice flavor kick. 

Chikn is located at 3712 Forbes Ave.

St. Clair Social

This fried chicken sandwich had a massive piece of buttermilk battered and deep fried crispy on the outside. The sandwich came with delicious garlic aioli.

St. Clair Social is located at 302 South Saint Clair Street.

Quik-It Chicken

This soul food restaurant is literally hidden gem of North Side. It is a gas station chicken joint with some of the crispiest and cheapest fried chicken I’ve eaten in Pittsburgh. I ordered a 3 dinner portion and I had way more than 3 dinners worth of chicken.

Quik-It Chicken is located at 820 Pennsylvania Ave.


The fried chicken at Home was so good, that a second restaurant, Which Came First was opened focusing on just chicken. The Nashville Hot Chicken and Cornbread at Home is an incredible dish. It is a mountain of chicken and bread. The spice level was a little higher than I prefer as I had to keep reaching for the water, but it was worth it. The menu at Which Came First gives more options for how you want your fried chicken. The State Fair brunch dish was a great twist instead of the usual chicken and waffles.

Home is located at 437 McKean Avenue in Charleroi.


They only offer fried chicken on Mondays and it is worth making the visit. Their fried chicken was also brined and breaded differently than I have eaten before. The brine it in sweet tea then dip it in a buttermilk breading. The breading was so crispy and stuck to the chicken so well. The chicken, since it was a mix of white and dark meat, all retained the juiciness and greasiness I really want in a good southern-style fried chicken. Served with beans and a biscuit, I was beyond full when I was done eating.

Fairlane has sadly closed and I hope for one day for it to return.