July 08, 2024

AlexEatsTooMuch June 2024 Restaurant and Event Roundup

I went into June thinking it would be a pretty laid back month. Instead, I would end up doing something almost every night. I was exhausted by June 10. However, I had a lot of fun in June. It capped off a great first half of this year.


My first meal of the month was at Alta Via Market Square. One of my favorite items is the Meatballs appetizer. I ordered the Pappardelle with Beef Short Rib Sugo. Alta Via is always a reliable option.

I got a burger for lunch at Whiskey B’s. They are doing a weekday lunch special for a $12 burger and fries. This is an awesome deal downtown.

I got a bunch of Sushi at Golden Gai. We picked up our boxes and then went next door to Tako Torta for cocktails and to eat. This sushi is high quality and fresh. I loved all my different types of tuna. Right now they are only open for takeout sushi, but they are working towards opening for sit down service. I’m so excited for that.

I went to Father’s Day brunch at Bombay to Burgh. They do brunch every Sunday but this week had extra items. It has become one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh. I really need to go for dinner sometime soon.

I had a burger for the first time in a long time at Over the Bar Bicycle Café. I got the Dirt Rag Delight which is topped with peanut butter, pickles, and American Cheese and I added bacon. It’s a fantastic combination of flavors. It’s a pretty good burger. I was there to do a promo shoot with American Honey by Wild Turkey.

I got lunch at The Brinery in Sharpsburg. They also have some of the best sandwiches in the Pittsburgh area. I made a video about them a couple of months ago. This time I got the Nashville Hot Chicken. It’s all about flavor and not about being too hot to eat. I loved it. I also got the Pickle Tots.

I was invited to have dinner at the Hyehold Restaurant, an incredible building serving exquisite meals. It was built in the 1930s based on the original owner’s promise to his wife. The final result was a restaurant and living space that resembled a castle. Today the space allows diners to experience eating in a rustic castle in the woods in modern times. We ordered cocktails, starters, main dishes, and a dessert. I loved my Delmonico steak. It was the best steak I’ve had at a non steakhouse in a long time.

I did a burger and fried chicken sandwich tasting at City Kitchen in Bakery Square. I am partnering with them on a specialty burger at the end of July. We were tasting the collaboration of a recipe between me and the team at Charred. I can’t wait for more people to try this burger. I was also there to try the new Chick & Pig fried chicken sandwich with a delicious bacon jam.

I ate dinner at Dancing Gnome and Blue Sparrow with other creators Pennsylvania Junkie and ToryTalkTrails. I introduced them to their pizza. It was exciting to be able to get together with them after months of trying to plan it out.

I went to St Clair Social for wing night with Jessie Eddie’s. I still love their wing night. I’m also trying to make more effort to go out to dinner with other foodies when there isn’t an event. I’m glad she’s always looking for cool food too.

I went to the new AYCE Hong Hot Pot and Korean BBQ with Karen, Xin and Kennix of Point State Fork. We went all out and got both hot pot and BBQ. I was quite impressed by the amount of great options for both and found it all quite good. Going again, we would only get one or the other. The table got too chaotic. Video Coming Soon.

I went to a guest chef dinner at Community Kitchen. The guest chef was Eric White of PGH Dumplingz. He curated 4 great dishes and worked with the program students to make each of the dishes. I was a real fan of the creative different flavor combinations. The variation on a pork bao bun was my favorite. Community Kitchen is training the next chefs and providing meals to the community. Video Coming Soon.

I did brunch at Grand Concourse. It’s AYCE. I love that. I got prime rib, an omelet, donuts and more prime rib. It’s a little pricy but a good meal. Video Coming Soon.

Food Trucks & Takeout

I got wings at Big Shot Bobs. I don’t agree with most of the best of reader’s choice picks, but their wings are pretty great and I order them at least once a month.

I got Stunt Pig at Beers of the Burgh. This completely hit the spot in between all the beers. I got the Lil Jawn sandwich which was a roast pork with grilled broccoli rabe and it was no question the best sandwich I’ve eaten this month. My brother got the Pitt Beef featuring smoked and shaved beef, onions and their tiger sauce. We also got their absolutely amazing Pig Wings which are pork shanks with a chili caramel sauce. Their shop just opened in Squirrel Hill and I highly recommend a visit.


I started the month by going to see Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra at the Benedum Center. This show was amazing. Jeff comes on stage before the show to reminisce about Pittsburgh. I completely ate this up. He is so entertaining to listen to talk. The show was him playing piano with the group and doing trivia and skits between songs. I highly recommend seeing him when he comes to Pittsburgh.

I attended A Night of Hope and Hops at Inner Groove Brewing. This is a presentation and Q&A led by local beer fanatic Debbie Stueber to share her parents’ story of survival from the Holocaust. She then does a video call with her parents for a great Q&A. This presentation is quarterly at different breweries and a very eye opening and educational.

I attended the Mattress Factory Garden Party fundraiser for the first time. They invited me to be a promotional partner and to attend. I always heard this was the party of the summer and I would agree. This year the Theme was Make Believe. Many people go all out for costumes. The VIP food by Black Radish was great and so were the cocktails by LoBar. There were also bites from many restaurants around the city. The event is the annual fundraiser for the museum and it’s a great time. I definitely want to go again next year.

I attended my first ever Beers of the Burgh. This beer festival features all Pittsburgh Area breweries. I got to try out so many different beers from places I haven’t visited yet. It was also a lot of fun at Carrie Furnace. We did a short tour before the festival which adds to how interesting that the place is now an event space.

Good Taste Pittsburgh PizzaFest this year was Grist House Brewery and featured six different Pittsburgh Pizzerias. As part of PizzaFest you get to try a small slice from each pizzeria and you can wash it down with a beer. My favorite this year was the Vitalia Wood Fired Pizza with their pepperoni with hot honey. Other pizzerias participating were Caliente, Adrian’s on Thompson Run Road, Mercurio’s, Fireside Pizza Co and Rising Crust Pizzeria. All the pizza went well with the Grist House beers. There was also a delicious sample of sausage from Greco and Sons and Penn Mac meant for pizza and sandwiches. Lastly, it wouldn’t be PizzaFest without an award winning pizza dough throwing demonstration.

I went to see Ben Folds at Three Rivers Arts Fest. Or at least I tried to. It was so crowded that I couldn’t get a good view of the stage. He was great to listen to. However, there just isn’t enough space for big headliner shows like that with Arts Fest on Ft Duquesne Blvd.

I attended Karen’s Bridgerton themed ball at Rivers Club. The ball was a fundraiser for her participation in the Cystic Fibrosis 50 Finest. It was a lovely evening. I drank too much. I was sick all the next day.

I went to the Pirates game on June 18 vs the Reds. Pirates lost. I got a hot dog, a burger and fries. It was all just ok. I think in the future I need to stick to only the specialty items and Primanti Bros at games.

This June marked the return of Vallozi’s Festa Di Limoncello. This event has taken a several year hiatus. They returned with many flavors of limoncello and a sampling of food. I enjoy this event for how different it is and it’s always an opportunity to have fun in the sun with foodie friends.

I went to see Bert Kreischer Fully Loaded tour. It was funny but I left a little disappointed. Most comedians only got 15 minutes. There were definitely some comedians I think I would have like to see much more of during the show.

I went to an event at Coffee Tree Roasters Shadyside. It was just an opportunity to hang out and eat and try their new Iced Tea pouches to go.

I went to a Presidential Debate watch party with the PA Dems. The debate was interesting. Obviously I’m one of the people who has decided I’m voting for Biden. I plan to do more with the PA Dems over the next few months.